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Minisforum MSSA156 Portable Monitor

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Size: 15.6 Inch(2K・144Hz)
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MSSA156 Portable Monitors

This ultra-thin and lightweight 15.6" portable monitor, featuring a 2K high resolution, enhances productivity and entertainment by extending screen real estate for diverse applications.


144Hz Refresh Rate

Refreshes 144 times per second, providing a more precise and detailed display effect. In a highly dynamic environment, even the naked eye can experience a smooth and detailed screen, allowing gamers to get faster feedback and capture the finer things in the game as they operate.

Better visual experience

2K high-resolution

Sharper, higher quality video experience, better gaming and viewing experience

2560 x 1440 pixels

The 2K resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels) offers a superior visual experience, providing sharp and detailed images for both work and leisure activities. Whether you're gaming or watching movies, it enhances realism and engagement with vivid colors and precise details.

178° Wide Viewing Angle

With an IPS panel and wide 178° viewing angles, this monitor accurately reproduces true colors, making it perfect for professional image processing and design tasks, enhancing efficiency and work outcomes.

Highly Sensitive Fingertip Touch

Interactive 10-point touch displays provide a highly accurate and responsive touch experience, allowing users to expand content with a simple drag of a fingertip or more flexible gestures to easily execute everyday documents, as well as draw or design with ease.

Connect with a single cable

When connected using the provided USB Type-C cable, the monitor powers up simultaneously, allowing for a hassle-free single-cable setup for efficient plug-and-play operation. Easy switching between monitors is also supported. (Power supply: 15W+)

The second screen

It can be used as a second monitor for your PC for easy multitasking, and combined with the touchpad function, it can also be used as a drawing board. You can share information quickly and intelligently in business communication, making your work smarter and more efficient.

100% DCI-P3

With a wide color gamut and high color reproducibility that achieves 100% DCI-P3 coverage, it delivers the same color accuracy as in film production, providing a cinema-quality visual experience. Brightness of 0.0005 to 400 nits delivers higher contrast, allowing users to enjoy high-resolution photos and videos taken with digital cameras with clarity and high image quality.

Bringing a Wide Field of View

Can be used with laptops, smartphones, game consoles, and surveillance cameras to provide a portable large-screen solution for office and entertainment

*Compatible with major smartphones, laptops, digital cameras, iPad, Xbox Series X(S)/Play Station5(4)Switch, etc.


Magnetic Protective Case

The thin, frameless design offers full protection for the monitor's surface and back panel. The protective case doubles as a stand, allowing for landscape or portrait viewing modes with magnetic attachment for convenience in various usage scenarios.

The display can be rotated.

The display is compatible with multiple systems and can be switched to landscape or portrait view through the system settings. Landscape view is good for presentations and Excel worksheets, while portrait view is good for documents, reading books and mobile websites.


① MSSA156 Monitor

② Magnetic protective case

③ HDMI to Mini HDMI cable

④ Type-C (Fully-featured)

⑤ Type-C (Fully-featured)

⑥ USB to Type-C cable

⑦ 30W power adapter

⑧ Protective film

⑨ Cleaning cloth

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