MINISFORUM was founded by a group of senior computer engineers who are enthusiastic about cutting-edge technology and design.
Founded in 2018, MINISFORUM has dedicated itself to the development of brilliant personal computer products.

Goals and Ambitions

MINISFORUM aims to become a top-tier innovator, manufacturer, and supplier of mini PCs. Our product is able to deliver unparalleled satisfaction and reliability to customers, and has amazed them with such a small body and mighty performance.


Humanzied Customer Service System

MINISFORUM listens to and cares about your opinion. We collect customers' opinions and suggestions, and implement applicable designs into the development of mini PCs after evaluation. The philosophy of innovation injects itself into each mini PC designed by us. They bring about daily life conveniences to all customers.


Strict Quality Control

Every mini PC is made with superior craftsmanship and premium materials.A perfect product is not only assembled with high-end hardware but also goes through countless optimizations and integrations; therefore, it is able to deliver peak performance.


Customer Orientation

MINISFORUM is dedicated to thoughtful after-sales customer service, and providing assistance in every aspect of the mini PC experience. We value customers' priceless opinions on product development. Any of your opinions or feelings will be taken care of ASAP, and we promise to deliver satisfying results.

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